Upholstery Cleaning

Envision millions of tiny bubbles working away at breaking up the dirt and grime trapped deep within the fibers of your upholstered furniture so they can be easily whisked away. That’s how our safe and non-toxic carbonating cleaning solution, The JMJ Enterprises, revitalizes your furniture for a fresh, healthier, longer lasting clean. This completely natural cleaning method works perfectly with all types of upholstered furniture materials. And because The Natural doesn’t contain any soaps or detergents that can leave behind a sticky dirt-attracting residue, your upholstery stays cleaner longer.Our upholstered furniture cleaning services are strong enough to defeat the deepest stains, gentle enough not to damage furniture and safe for your entire family.

We use the method of cleaning that injects hot detergent cleaning solution under pressure into the fabric. The soil is suspended and rinsed, and then the fabric is vacuumed to remove suspended soil and moisture. This method is very effective in the removal of suspended soil. This method is very effective in the removal of suspended soil. Extra drying passes should be used to prevent over wetting and speed drying. Many cleaners use pre sprays which contain surfactants to reduce surface tension and allow better penetration and cleaning. This method removes the most suspended soil. Moist fabric covered walls respond best to wet cleaning, remember to always test first.

We use the method of cleaning where heated non-chlorinated, (odourless mineral spirits) based dry cleaning solvents are sprayed either by hand held spray or by machine onto the fabric. The solvents work to break down oily binders such as perspiration and suspend soil. Expect only moderate results on heavily soiled fabrics. Soil and solvents are then recovered by vacuum motor. The advantage of the system is no fabric shrinkage. When using portable extraction equipment and solvents in the customer’s hoe it is important to ventilate and exhaust fumes outside.